"The quality of life a sport horse enjoys has a direct impact on his ability and performance."

—Sal Salvetti

Sports Massage for the Equine Athlete

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Strength and Sensitivity, Accuracy and Experience

Sal Salvetti is an equine massage therapist who provides unique deep tissue sports massage for the equine athlete.

Sport Horse Focus

Sal is best known for his work on dressage horses. However, he also has significant experience working on sport horses of all disciplines.

He enjoys professional relationships with top dressage riders and trainers in America, as well as some in Europe, and has excellent relationships with most of the top competition veterinarians in the United States.

Comfort for Horse and Rider

Because of his experience, Sal is skilled not only in therapy as regular maintainance, but also in massage therapy during competition. He is uniquely skilled in this role, providing therapy not only to the horse but to the rider as well, during the most physically and mentally stressful times of these athletes' careers.

Sal also feels strongly about the effect of good saddle fit on a horse's comfort and performance. Due to client demand, he now offers saddle fitting services.

Photos above: BBV Photography