"The quality of life a sport horse enjoys has a direct impact on his ability and performance."

—Sal Salvetti

About Sal Salvetti

Massage greatly benefits the equine athlete.

Thoughtful, Effective Care

Sal has been involved with sport horses for many years. During his tenure as stable manager for top dressage barns, he quickly learned that the quality of life a sport horse enjoys has a direct impact on his ability and performance.

First-Hand Experience

Sal understands that a comprehensive health care program is essential to the wellbeing of any sport horse. Becoming a massage therapist was a natural result of his first-hand experience with the difference alternative therapies make in a horse's longevity, happiness and way of going.

Focus on High Performance

Observing the subtle nuances that horses provide as feedback, Sal correlates this to the actual feel of muscle tissue during the massage therapy session.  Combined with traditional medicine, rider feedback, top-notch daily care and training, this creates the best possible environment for horses with a high performance focus.

Sal and a new friend.

In addition to regular sessions at the stable, Sal excels in massage at competitions and tailors the therapy to the specific needs of the horse while at the show.

Sal is trained and qualified in both human and equine massage therapy. He has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. One of the many important ways Sal has enhanced his knowledge and experience had been through participation in anatomy labs at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.