"The quality of life a sport horse enjoys has a direct impact on his ability and performance."

—Sal Salvetti

The Importance of Good Saddle Fit

Saddle fit is crucial to a horse's comfort.

Crucial Role

”I have always felt that learning to fit saddles is merely a natural progression of the massage work. After feeling and treating thousands of horses, I am finally able to help my clients further by offering saddle fitting services.”  —Sal Salvetti

Saddle fit has a crucial role in keeping the horse’s body comfortable, relaxed and working at peak performance.

Due to an increasing demand from his clients, Sal is now offering saddle fitting services in conjunction with his massage therapy sessions. This natural progression has come about as a result of his providing relief for hundreds of horses who had sore backs due to improper saddle fit.

Saddle fit is crucial to a horse's comfort.

Holistic Approach

Sal is able to assess the panels of a saddle with the knowledgeable and sensitive feel of a massage therapist and therefore assist in the direct correlation between how the saddle relates to the horse’s back and how it in turn relates to the rider.

With the addition of saddle fitting to his set of skills, Sal is able to assist both rider and horse in finding a comfortable and successful connection.